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Strathbogie Shire

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Strathbogie Shire is a rural municipality in north central Victoria.

The Strathbogie Ranges are located to the east, the Goulburn River to the south and the Hume Freeway runs through the middle of the municipality. 

The Strathbogie Shire has a rural economic base of wool, grain and cattle production, extensive vineyards at Nagambie and throughout the Strathbogie Ranges and a wide range of intensive cool climate horticultural enterprises.

Strathbogie is part of the Small Shire council grouping and can be compared with similar councils. More information on council groupings can be found here. 


Arcadia South, Avenel, Baddaginnie, Bailieston, Balmattum, Boho, Boho South, Creek Junction, Creighton, Creightons Creek, Earlston, Euroa, Gooram, Goulburn Weir, Graytown, Kelvin View, Kirwins Bridge, Kithbrook, Koonda, Locksley, Longwood, Longwood East, Mangalore, Marraweeny, Miepoll, Mitchellstown, Moglonemby, Molka, Moorilim, Moormbool West, Nagambie, Nalinga, Pranjip, Riggs Creek, Ruffy, Sheans Creek, Strathbogie, Tabilk, Tamleugh, Tarcombe, Upotipotpon, Upton Hill, Violet Town, Wahring, Whroo and Wirrate.

For a detailed map showing shire boundaries and locality names, visit VICNAMES.

Community Satisfaction

Strathbogie Shire Council Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey Results

Annual Report

Strathbogie Shire Council Annual Report 2017/18


Strathbogie Shire Council is a subdivided municipality consisting of 5 wards and 7 Councillors. 

Councillors in the 5 single member wards are elected through preferential voting.  Councillors in the 1 multi-member wards are elected through proportional representation voting. Since 2008, all Victorian Councillors serve a four year term. The next general election is in October 2020. 

The council's independent Electoral Representation Review was conducted prior to the 2012 elections. 

Visit the Guide for more information on Council Elections
Visit the Victorian Electoral Commission for more elections details.


7 Councillors elected in October 2016.

Honeysuckle Creek - Cr Kate Stothers

Hughes Creek - Cr Malcolm Little

Lake Nagambie - Cr Debra Swan

Lake Nagambie - Cr Amanda McClaren - Mayor

Mount Wombat - Cr Alistair Thomson

Seven Creeks - Cr Graeme Mick Williams

Seven Creeks - Cr John Mason

Population data

Estimated resident population. Source: Victoria in Future 2016 - Population and Household Projections to 2031

  • 2016 9,881 
  • 2021 10,202
  • 2026 10,511 
  • 2031 10,844 


Source: Victoria Grants Commission.
The figures in the bottom two rows of the table show combined one-off and ongoing funding received by council from both the Federal and State Governments. It is important to note that this amount can change significantly from year to year as individual government funding programs change and natural events such as fires and floods occur.

Data shows the amount allocated in respect of the relevant financial year. In some years, that amount will vary from the payments received that year, as a result of the Commonwealth "bringing forward" some payments.

  2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12 2010-11 2009-10
Recurrent Expenditure ($) 31.421m 27.006m 24.980m 27.500m 25.191m 23.415m 24.151m 23.844m 21.957m
Recurrent Revenue ($) 31.165m 32.197m 26.403m 32.595m 25.504m 25.264m 27.816m 25.586m 21.042m
- Rates and Charges 18.526m 18.067m 17.234m 16.173m 15.118m 13.991m 12.961m 11.930m 10.357m
- VGC Grants 5.048m 4.946m 4.877m 4.970m 4.88m 4.559m 4.354m 4.229m 3.967m
Non-Recurrent Government Grants
Recurrent Government Grants

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