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Corangamite Shire

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Corangamite Shire is located in Victoria's south west. The Shire extends from the 12 Apostles on the coast near Port Campbell and Princetown to Skipton in the north.

The eastern boundary is Lake Corangamite and the western border is near Garvoc. The shire's economic base is provided through agriculture and some value-adding manufacturing.

Corangamite contains wool growing and cropping areas in the north, while the south has one of the most intensive dairying areas in the State. Farming includes milk, wool, beef, fat lamb and grain. Several milk processing industries are located within Corangamite.

The Great Ocean Road, the 12 Apostles, the Port Campbell National Park, fishing and volcanic hills and craters attract tourists.

Corangamite also produces gourmet food - cheeses, eel processing and ice cream.

Corangamite is part of the Large Shire council grouping and can be compared with similar councils. More information on council groupings can be found here.   

Victoria in Future 

Corangamite - Victoria in Future 2016 

Aboriginal Community Profile

Corangamite Aboriginal Community Profile (includes Aboriginal organisations)


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For a detailed map showing shire boundaries and locality names, visit VICNAMES

Community Satisfaction

Corangamite Shire Council Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey Results 

Annual Report

Corangamite Shire Council Annual Report 2019/20


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7 Councillors elected in October 2020.


Central - Cr Ruth Gstrein - Mayor

Central - Cr Geraldine Conheady

Central - Cr Laurie Hickey

Coastal - Cr Jamie Vogels

North - Cr Nicholas Cole

South Central - Cr Joanne Beard - Deputy Mayor

South-West - Cr Kate Makin



Population data

Estimated resident population. Source: Victoria in Future 2016 - Population and Household Projections to 2031

  • 2016 15,553  
  • 2021 15,076   
  • 2026 14,644  
  • 2031 14,212 


Source: Victoria Grants Commission.
The figures in the bottom two rows of the table show combined one-off and ongoing funding received by council from both the Federal and State Governments. It is important to note that this amount can change significantly from year to year as individual government funding programs change and natural events such as fires and floods occur.

Data shows the amount allocated in respect of the relevant financial year. In some years, that amount will vary from the payments received that year, as a result of the Commonwealth "bringing forward" some payments.

  2019-20 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12 2010-11
Recurrent Expenditure ($) 44.168m 38.705m 40.941m 44.290m 39.640m 40.865m 38.96m 38.576m 38.667m 39.353m
Recurrent Revenue ($) 47.774m 54.861m 46.406m 46.900m 40.751m 46.255m 39.605m 39.850m 39.998m 39.724m
- Rates and Charges 22.095m 21.609m 20.747m 20.158m 19.570m 18.594m 18.172m 16.798m 15.964m 15.239m
- VGC Grants 8.335m 7.915m 7.358m 7.102m 7.064m 7.018m 6.852m 6.780m 6.762m 6.436m
Non-Recurrent Government Grants
Recurrent Government Grants

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