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Wangaratta Rural City

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Wangaratta is a manufacturing and commercial centre in north-east Victoria.

The rural city's traditional strengths of clothing and textile production has been supplemented in recent years by the manufacturing of wine and wood products.

Wangaratta is the municipality's largest urban centre, with approximately 18,000 residents. The region prides itself on its wineries, gourmet food, spectacular scenery, historic legends, cultural heritage and access to numerous State and National Parks.

The outdoors are also a focus for popular leisure activities in the region.

Wangaratta is part of the Regional City council grouping and can be compared with similar councils. More information on council groupings can be found here.  


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For a detailed map showing shire boundaries and locality names, visit VICNAMES.

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Annual Report

Rural City of Wangaratta Council Annual Report 2018/19


The Rural City of Wangaratta Council was dismissed by an Act of Parliament in 2013. Following a period of being led by a panel of Administrators the municipality returned to elected representation at the 2016 general election..

The council's independent Electoral Representation Review was conducted prior to the 2016 elections.

Visit the Guide for more information on Council Elections. 
Visit the Victorian Electoral Commission for more elections details.


7 Councillors elected in October 2016.


City - Cr Ashlee Fitzpatrick

City - Cr Ken Clarke

City - Cr Dave Fuller

City - Cr Dean Rees - Mayor

North - Cr Harvey Benton

South - Cr Harry Bussell

Warby - Cr Mark Currie - Deputy Mayor




Population data

Estimated resident population. Source: Victoria in Future 2016 - Population and Household Projections to 2031

  • 2016 27,040
  • 2021 27,162 
  • 2026 27,433 
  • 2031 27,804 


Source: Victoria Grants Commission.
The figures in the bottom two rows of the table show combined one-off and ongoing funding received by council from both the Federal and State Governments. It is important to note that this amount can change significantly from year to year as individual government funding programs change and natural events such as fires and floods occur.

Data shows the amount allocated in respect of the relevant financial year. In some years, that amount will vary from the payments received that year, as a result of the Commonwealth "bringing forward" some payments.

  2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12 2010-11 2009-10
Recurrent Expenditure ($) 60.372m 53.353m 58.478m 54.863m 53.080m 52.197m 52.811m 55.345m 47.669m 41.327m
Recurrent Revenue ($) 64.847m 63.979m 65.117m 54.400m 58.783m 50.697m 54.454m 56.176m 50.973m 45.542m
- Rates and Charges 32.146m 30.738m 29.564m 28.504m 26.342m 24.473m 23.163m 21.890m 20.443m 19.053m
- VGC Grants 7.202m 6.751m 6.517m 6.482m 6.539m 6.461m 6.273m 6.219m 5.998m 5.637m
Non-Recurrent Government Grants
Recurrent Government Grants

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