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Election offences and complaints

Election offences

Candidates should be aware of the following electoral offences, which can carry serious penalties. Consult the Local Government Act 2020 and Candidate Handbooks for further and complete details of offences.

Unlawful nomination

A person who is not entitled to nominate at a council election must not submit a nomination.

False declaration

A person making a written declaration as a candidate, scrutineer or voter must not knowingly make a declaration that is false.

Misleading or deceptive material

A person must not print, publish or distribute any electoral material that is likely to mislead or deceive voters in casting their vote.

Authorisation of electoral material

A person must not print, publish or distribute an electoral advertisement handbill, pamphlet or notice unless the name and address of the person who authorised the material appears at its end.


A person must not offer or invite any kind of bribe or inducement that may affect an election.

Election complaints

Any complaints should firstly be directed to the Election Manager. If the complaint relates to the administration of the election, the Election Manager or the Victorian Electoral Commission will handle the matter.